Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adobe Uninstall Issues

I had a problem recently with an Adobe CS3 application not fulling installing and then causing a problem later as I tried to uninstall it so it could be reinstalled. The program specifically was Adobe Acrobat 8 and it would error out every time I tried to uninstall it.

The solution is a program Adobe has as a free download called CS3 Clean. It's available for Windows or Mac and is an automated tool to completely clean Adobe products off of your hard drive if things get jammed up. Here is a link to download the tool:

Status Report

As you can see, I haven't typed up a formal declaration of how the experiment went due to my lack of time and too many projects going so I will give you the brief version: Mac rocks.

I am still running my iMac as my primary machine and it has replaced my Windows machines. I've only had to dual boot into Windows a few times and that is to work on old MS Access database files. That is the only application that I have found to not have a solution on OS X. 

I have upgraded to Leopard (OS X 10.5) and enjoy the new features. I have found that it broke my networking with PC machines so I am hoping for an upgrade soon to fix that problem. Overall though I am officially a Mac convert. I recommend OS X to my friends and co-workers and I am definitely more productive due to things just working right and me not having to spend time tinkering on things.

I am going to continue using this blog to post my random Mac/OS X tips and tricks and problems and solutions as I come across them in hopes that maybe this will be a good resource to other Mac converts.