Thursday, December 13, 2007

Status Report

As you can see, I haven't typed up a formal declaration of how the experiment went due to my lack of time and too many projects going so I will give you the brief version: Mac rocks.

I am still running my iMac as my primary machine and it has replaced my Windows machines. I've only had to dual boot into Windows a few times and that is to work on old MS Access database files. That is the only application that I have found to not have a solution on OS X. 

I have upgraded to Leopard (OS X 10.5) and enjoy the new features. I have found that it broke my networking with PC machines so I am hoping for an upgrade soon to fix that problem. Overall though I am officially a Mac convert. I recommend OS X to my friends and co-workers and I am definitely more productive due to things just working right and me not having to spend time tinkering on things.

I am going to continue using this blog to post my random Mac/OS X tips and tricks and problems and solutions as I come across them in hopes that maybe this will be a good resource to other Mac converts.

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Kevin said...

If you want to try an alternative to Access then try filemaker. It is not cheap but is very powerful and very scaleable. I switched at almost the same time as you and managed to convert 2 Access databases to filemaker form (it took some time but is not impossible). The main disadvantage is having to learn a new scripting language. Try it - you will be very impressed if you give it some time.