Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It Shipped! / Apple Store Experience

I finally got the email I have been waiting for! My iMac shipped out from China this morning. The Fedex tracking for it doesn't list any delivery date but I paid for 2-day shipping so I am hoping it gets here on Friday.

I also wanted to post about some of the experiences I had inside an Apple Store recently. The store is located in Plano, Tx inside the Willowbend Mall. I've spent a lot of time gazing at products inside (iPhone, monitors, iMacs, etc) but I've never spent anytime actually dealing with any of the sales reps. Well, my initial opinion was that I expected them to be on the ball and above your regular sales rep at Best Buy but I don't think that is the case. I was pretty dissappointed. There is no shortage of reps to assist but the one who wanted to help me was not familiar with the latest chip speeds (wasn't aware of the 2.8ghz option) nor was he familiar with what he had in the store or what had to be ordered.

After finally figuring out what specs I was looking for he advised they had it here in store but they didn't have the wireless mouse. While waiting I was standing next to display full of.....wireless mice! I'm not sure how he missed those but he also struck out on trying to find me a unit in the store and let me know I would have to order it online. I was dissappointed about not getting an iMac right away but I was more annoyed by the 30 minutes I spent in the store dealing with someone not prepared to make a sale.

My thinking was the Apple Stores are few and far between so they would have the cream of the crop stop and would really be a step above the rest. Maybe I just got lucky and got stuck with the guy who just quit Best Buy and is now working at the Apple Store.

Has anyone else had similiar experiences or have things been mainly positive in the stores?


Chris said...

I've had several great experiences at the Tulsa Apple store. Like you said, you probably got the new guy that was selling Compaq's last week at Best Buy.

Carolyn said...

Well written article.