Monday, August 27, 2007

Misc. Reading

While I am waiting on my iMac to arrive here are some helpful articles I have been reading that you might enjoy as well.

First, some reviews of the new iMac hardware:


Also, here is an article talking about the new iWork vs Mac MS Office:

I was previously unaware of the support in iWork for opening MS Office formats. I will definately be giving that a try before installing MS Office on the Mac.

Thanks to one of my visitors who provided the following articles to read:
A Month with a Mac
A Month with a Mac - Part II

Does anyone have any other resources of Windows users diving off into Mac OS X?


Anonymous said...

reading suggestions, written by AnandTech's founder:

A Month with a Mac
A Month with a Mac - Part II

Anonymous said...

Your Mac will come with a month trial of both Office for Mac and iWork 08 so you can try them out side by side before laying down any cash.

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic article/webpage that I found months ago. I think it's the same one I read. might req. more digging, but, i list numerous research papers that analyzed the learning curve for children using Macs vs. PCs and the common myths and excuses people and companies/institutions give for going with the Windows machines.

Welcome and Congrats!