Thursday, August 30, 2007

Shipping Delay

Bummer. My Fedex tracking shows that the package shipped on Aug 29 and has an estimated delivery of Sept 5. That isn't exactly the two days shipping I paid for! A little further research reveals that the package missed the Fedex cutoff time in Shanghai so it didn't actually go out until today. Well, my two day shipping is two business days and then you have to factor in Monday as a holiday. What bad luck for me! Darn.

The good news is that the Apple customer support rep was extremely knowledgable and eager to please and immediately offered to refund my shipping costs. +1 for the customer service!


Anonymous said...

Just curious, why did it ship from China? Surely there was an apple sore that had one and could ship to you, even if your local apple store was out of stock.

Chris said...

All Macs ship from China, just like all Dells ship from Malaysia. It's cheaper to stage/build and ship from China than it is to stage systems in the US. Since Apple is shipping 17% of the systems being sold in the US, they are probably sending several cargo 747's to the US daily just like Dell. Of course, Apple is also selling iPods and other products, something Dell does NOT sell (anymore).

Sucks about the delay, but you'll be Mac'n soon if all goes well. Great choice on the 24" those are gorgeous displays in a tight package.

Aaron B. (Snicker) said...

The Apple Store did not have the 24" with the 2.8ghz and the 500gb HD. Good news showed up today despite it saying it wouldn't be delivered until Sept 5. *High five*

Guido said...

Bummer? Lucky you.
I ordered a 2,8-GHz Imac on August 13th. My dealer expect it will arrive in the 3th week of september. I suppose Belgium (where i live) is about 14000 km west and the US is about 14000 km east of Shanghai. So distance isn't causing this difference in delivery. Could it be poor knowledge of geography?